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'Ross's misadventures and on-the-nose observations never fail to provoke a laugh-out-loud reaction . . . bursting at the seams with spot-on parody' Irish Times

Ross O'Carroll-Kelly

Picture this: a generous lash of Mrs Robinson, a salty pinch of Mrs H and a tantalizing lick of whatever newsreader you're having yourself. That's the dream combination Ross has been searching for, and now he's found it.

Regina is the older woman every guy wants to bed but is afraid to approach. But not Ross! The Shred Focking Everything van has become as much a feature of her driveway as the Diarmuid Gavin-designed herbaceous border. Her gaff has gone to NAMA - along with pretty much everything else she owns - but Ross couldn't give a fock about the Revenue or the recession or her regulation Playtex, for that matter. This is full-on fantasy focking. Well, apart from the baggage of her certifiable daughter, but that's a minor problem that can be charmed into submission.

Of course, whenever life seems to be cruising along like a Mercedes Maybach, you just know there's a speed bump somewhere about to tear the orse out of the suspension!

Praise for The Oh My God Delusion:
'Will leave you with pains in your cheeks from laughing' RTÉ Guide
'Side-achingly funny' Sunday Business Post
'Ross at his best: razor sharp, magnificently plotted and an utter joy to read' Irish Mail on Sunday


Pub Date: September, 2011
ISBN: 9781844882267
Price: £13.99
Format: 234 x 153mm pb
Extent: 416pp
Territory: 1BCEKZ

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